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Jun. 16th, 2013


Just came home from watching one of my most awaited KPOP concert EVER. CN Blue didn't fail me. They were AMAZING. They played all their songs LIVE! As in LIVE!!! Instruments = LIVE. VOCALS = LIVE! The moment they played their first song I just began spazzing like mad! And it doesn't help that the people around me is as hyper as me.. LOL I swear if ever they do comeback... I'LL GET THE FRONT ROW SEAT! HAHAHA! XD

To YongHwa (who is my original bias then my love went to their maknae MinHyuk) I will NEVER EVER FORGET YOU JUNG YONGHWA! He was just really good and really handsome and he's just AWESOME on stage! HE IS JUST SO HYPER! A self-proclaimed #1 dancer in their group LOL My friend can't stop spazzing about him and I think she fell more in love with him. Haha! Thank you SO MUCH YongHwa. To my lovely MinHyuk, the maknae who never fail to amazed me as well.... I love you. Your drumming skill is BEYOND WORDS. And even though I can't understand a word you said in Tagalog I still THANK YOU for trying to speak my language. To Lee JongHyeon, your voice... your VERY HANDSOME FACE is just beyond words as well..! I think you nearly killed my friend who is btw seated in front of you.. LOL To JungShin, you are forever a dork. Haha! I think you should stop hanging out with your YongHwa hyung.. LOL But I thank you so much for speaking in Tagalog even though you really fail on it. Haha!

You guys are just so sweet!!! I will never ever ever forget this day.. JUNE 15. One of my fangirl dream came true....

Oct. 23rd, 2012

My birthday wish as a fangirl :)

Deep down in my heart I always think of them and wish that I'm seeing FIVE and not TWO or THREE. It still breaks my heart. I'm watching the guesting of HoMin recently... I'm happy but at the same time I'm sad. Specially when there's a part that they're being asked about what happened to the group. I can't help the tear that will fall every freaking time they talk about the break up and then they'll show a video of the five of them. I want to love them all UNCONDITIONALLY but my heart is not yet fully healed for all the blows they gave me. I don't even call them DBSK. I only call them HoMin or JYJ. It's not fair to them I know....but DBSK is a FIVE member group and will always be FIVE in my heart and soul. I hope to God that they're communicating to each other just like HeeChul and Jaejoong or Junsu and EunHyuk. I pray that they're in good terms now, the FIVE of them I mean. I no longer hope to see them back together again but I sincerely hope that they've talk things out and now they're FRIENDS again or BROTHERS even. That's my only wish for them. That they're back to being friends even if they're not back as DBSK on stage. 

Oppadeul, can you at least grant this wish of mine? 

Aug. 20th, 2012

I've lost my FAITH.

I have this post of mine in PRIVATE for weeks now. I can't seem to find the RIGHT time to post this. But then come to think of it.. there's no such thing as RIGHT TIME in this fandom. LOL So yeah~ This is my own thoughts/opinion/rant about HOMIN/JYJ/KPOP in General. ^_______^ I do hope you'll respect this post of mine since this is what I've been feeling for quite some time now. 

First of.... I'm truly sorry to say this but I have LOST MY FAITH. I'm never gonna believe in that AKTF stuff again. Don't get me wrong~ I still love them and will forever support them BUT I know for sure that they'll never be together again or maybe they will but it will take a really LOOOOOOOOOONG time for them to get back together as FIVE. Why? I have a LOT of reasons to~ and one of them is... I can still see that look in ChangMin's eyes.... Up until now, I can still feel his resentment/anger towards the three.... Now, don't even tell me you don't know how ChangMin feel towards the three coz then I'll take it that you are really not a fan of them. Second reason is, I'm not even sure if all of them still wants to be together... Truth be told? I think Jaejoong is the only one who wants them to be together again (now this is not me being a Jaejoong bias talking). Anyway, I've lost my faith when I found out that HoMin became stockholders of SMent. Don't you guys know what that means? It means that they'll never leave SMent (except if they decided to sell their stocks and then they can leave the company but I doubt.. >_>) and there's NO WAY in hell JYJ (specially Junsu >_>) will go back to SMent. So even if I want them to be together again... I'll stop hoping/wishing. There are ways for them to be five again but I don't think either side is willing to do that YET. 

Maybe you guys will ask me why I quoted "specially Junsu" at the top. It is because he initiated the leave. I don't know if you guys know it but yeah he initiated the leave. Some of my friends said that I should blame him. When I found out that he initiated the leave I started blaming him as well. But then again I asked... what's the reason why Yoochun and Jaejoong joined him in leaving SMent and why did YunHo and ChangMin decided not to leave? I think we'll never know the reason unless they decided to open their mouth and spill the truth. But the thing here is they promised us they'll be together forever and yet....they broke that promise. As a leader what did Yunho do??? I guess maybe that's why he went to that depression period because he blamed himself. I mean I still blame him that's why I still have this resentment towards him. I expected a lot from Yunho. I believed in his words. Even if Junsu initiated the leave he could have done something to prevent it from happening. But... I guess he really just couldn't do anything. That's why I'm mostly disappointed at him. And I still couldn't believe HoMin became stockholders. I just really can't. 

As for my stand... I'm neither HoMin, JYJ nor OT5 stan. I'm now just a JAEJOONG STAN. I think you guys have noticed it for quite some time now. I'll support all the things that he decides to do. Even if it breaks my heart apart I'll still support him no matter what. That's how much I love him. I know I will still spazz from time to time about the other 4 members since I can't really control my heart but all in all.. the only one that stayed in my heart is him... Kim Jaejoong. Now, don't get me wrong here I don't hate the other 4 members. I don't hate them. I don't have the heart to hate them. As for the court battle between JYJ and SMent... I'm just really wishing that it end soon so that I can freely see Jaejoongie perform in music shows again. XD *kidding* No, seriously I really do hope that court battle ends like now? Guys, once that court battle ends it doesn't mean that they'll be together again, it just means that JYJ can now be as FREE as they hope to be. 

Now in regards to KPOP in GENERAL. As what most of my friends noticed I'm no longer updated as I was back then. Heck! I only check things that interests me and mostly that will be stuff involving Jaejoong or SJ~ lol I'm not even that updated about SJ! If not for my SME friends I wouldn't even be updated about SJ... so thank you for that guys. XD So if you'll be asking me about the new groups I would just give you a blank face coz I really don't know anything about them and I don't plan to know them as well. KPOP has lost its magic in me. I don't know what happened but it's just not there anymore. I only follow and listen to the artists that I like. You can count on me in terms of Korean dramas since they keep on producing really good dramas like 'Faith' and 'Arang and The Magistrate'. I hope I can say the same thing about KPOP but I feel like they're just reproducing stuff from before. 

And I'll end my post here. I've said a lot of stuff. Some should have left unsaid but I feel like I need to so. Peace out everyone~ ^_______^ 

Jul. 30th, 2012

My stand about HoMin, JYJ and KPOP in GENERAL

It will be quite a LONG post. So yeah.... I'm just informing you guys that I'll finally post my stand about this. Thank you~ ^_______^

Jan. 6th, 2011


They have already disbanded...since the day they filed the dispute. We(fans) are what we can say in denial (AKTF). But we know in our hearts that they have truly disbanded. We also know in our hearts that it will take a REALLY LONG TIME for us to see them 5 again, but we are still keeping the faith and will continue to hope that we will see them again together. We(fans) should continue to support the 5 but.... *SIGHS* you guys decided to do JYJ vs HoMin thing. "So-CALLED" fans are comparing JYJ's songs to HoMin's songs which is really not fair. But what really pisses me off is the BASHING that we "so-called" fans are doing to the members. It's not their fault that other two got to use the name "TVXQ".. YES, IT SUCKS BIG TIME. Because TVXQ is A FIVE MEMBER GROUP. But we all know that their company is such an asshole. So we shouldn't blame the other two. And the other three doesn't need to be bash just because they have chosen to be FREE from that company. JAEJOONG, YOOCHUN, JUNSU, YUNHO & CHANGMIN are human beings like us that get hurts too. They don't need this kind of SHIT from their very own FANS. We already know from the start, since the dispute started that things will get dirtier and messier because they are against that company. But we choose to keep the faith and so we should continue to keep the faith. We don't need to part ways to support the members. We can continue to be CASSIOPEIA and support those 5 guys that we love dearly. 

As for me, I won't deny the fact that I am more of JYJ since Jaejoong is there and I will continue to support him BUT that doesn't mean that I won't support HoMin. Even though I also have this resentment towards Yunho, that still doesn't stop me from supporting them. I am voicing out my feelings through this journal because I really can't stand this anymore. I am making this stand that I will and always be a CASSIOPEIA forever. END. 

Oct. 25th, 2010

i don't want to lose faith....but...

you are giving me a lot of reasons as to why you guys can never be 5 again... are you even doing something that is unknown to all to protect your 4 members??? what you said about you guys being 5 forever...can I still believe on that??? please show me some signs that you still intend to keep the group together... i really need to see something from you...or else... i will truly believe that you already abandoned those 3...

these are my own thoughts...please show some respect...

Oct. 18th, 2010

JYJ's fancam~ hahahaha!

yes! i am so addicted to them right now! hahahaha!

Oct. 17th, 2010


weeeeeh~ created a new account again...i forgot my user id and password again... *sighs* XD
anyways, this account will be more active than the other two... THAT'S FOR SURE! haha! =P